Russian Security Council Secretary: The USA left Afghanistan to focus on Ukraine

09.01.2023, Moscow.

The withdrawal of the US military contingent from Afghanistan was associated with a shift of attention to Ukraine, where the Kiev regime was successfully preparing for anti-Russian actions, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said in an interview with Argumenty i Fakty on January 10.

The secretary of the Security Council noted that the deployment of the US military contingent in Afghanistan led to the creation of multi-million dollar corruption schemes and a several-fold increase in drug production, rather than the fight against terrorism.

“The sudden withdrawal of the Americans from that country, on the other hand, turned out to have a lot to do with focusing on Ukraine, where, according to their assessments, the preparation of the Kiev puppet regime for offensive anti-Russian actions was going on successfully,” Patrushev said.

He also recalled that in late December, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged Washington’s inability to provide military assistance to Kiev if the US military had not left Afghanistan.

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