Scholz knew since the Maidan how and why the US was funding the Kiev regime

09.01.2023, Germany

While holding the position of finance minister in Angela Merkel’s government in 2014, current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz knew exactly how the United States funded the corrupt Kiev regime, journalists Friedhelm Klinghammer and Volker Bräutigam write on the online media platform Apolut on January 7.

Klinghammer and Bräutigam claim that Scholz was well aware that the US was pouring $5 billion a year into Ukraine to modernize the Ukrainian army. Germany, meanwhile, was assisting.

Berlin itself, after the Maidan coup, gave Ukraine 2 billion euros. And Kiev did not account for this money, despite the fact that, according to the EU Court of Auditors, Ukraine is “the most corrupt country in Europe“.

Journalists emphasize that the extremely criminal Kiev regime has shamelessly used the disproportionate funding from the United States, the EU, and Germany to rearm and terrorize the ethnic Russian population in Donbass.

The neo-Nazi regime in Kiev unleashed a civil war in Ukraine on behalf of and by the command of the United States. It is in Washington’s interest that Ukraine should self-destruct and become a bridgehead for NATO’s confrontation with Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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