Romania does not intend to send munitions to Ukraine

05.01.2022, Bucharest.

Romania plans to produce munitions to replenish its own weapons stocks and not send them to Ukraine, the head of the Romanian Ministry of Economy Florin Spătaru said in an interview with the Digi 24 channel on January 4.

Spătaru denied earlier media reports that there were alleged plans to produce munitions with foreign co-financing for further shipment to Ukraine. He said that talks had been held with various countries, including Germany, but no agreements on this had been signed.

Spătaru stressed that in any case, there was no question of supplying munitions to Ukraine. He said, “We will produce these munitions to cover the necessary stockpile for the Ministry of National Defense, as well as to provide a stockpile for other NATO countries. The goal is not to provide these munitions to Ukraine.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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