Kurginyan urges not to complain about the army, but to solve the problems of the military-industrial complex

Attempts to blame the army for the failures of the special operation in Ukraine show an unwillingness to solve a major systemic problem that goes far beyond the army, stated philosopher, analyst, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview with Anna Shafran on Radio Zvezda, published on December 23 on YouTube.

Shafran asked Kurginyan why such active attempts are now being made to put all the blame for problems and failures on the army. According to Kurginyan, there are several reasons for this.

The political scientist is convinced that this is happening due to the “colossal narrow-mindedness and desire to turn the tables“. According to him, it is impossible to tell the truth until the end, so they say what they say.

He stressed that the main problem that has not yet been realized is that the modern Russia was created to join the West, not for the tough confrontation with it. And all subsystems of the state, including the army, the military-industrial complex, and all industry in general, were “optimized” not for the current confrontation.

What was in the beginning, what was in the core? It began with the destruction of the design bureaus, which were eliminated in incredible numbers during the shaping of that reality, which seemed optimal,” Kurginyan said.

He stressed that those in charge of the strategy should set the required parameters for the army – its size, equipment, as well as the parameters of the military-industrial complex and all the rest.

These are my modest estimates – three million highly professional military personnel. Three million at least! Professionals! But they are nothing without the military-industrial complex. This military-industrial complex cannot support the intensity of a large conventional war that is going on. It was not created for this purpose,” he explained.

The philosopher is convinced that the current challenge is enormous, and it will intensify. He believes that the current state of reality will not meet this challenge, although everything should be done to make it bear as much as it can, while strategically it is necessary to create a different reality in the country, and it does not consist only of the army.

The army is an essential part of this reality, but it is not self-sufficient. The army cannot exist without ammunition, the army cannot exist without guns that will hit more accurately and at greater range. It’s not army’s task. Will anyone understand that? Munition is manufactured elsewhere. And those guns, those ammunition kits, require the existence of all the industry that will work for them. So, whining about the army is an escape from the problem,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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