Junge Welt: Tokyo’s decision to double military spending turns pacifist postwar constitution into wastepaper

18.12.2022, Berlin.

The national defense documents adopted by the Japanese Cabinet on Friday turned Japan’s postwar pacifist constitution into a wastepaper. Igor Kusar wrote this in his article published by the Junge Welt newspaper on December 17.

Kusar called Japan’s cabinet approval of increasing military spending to 2 percent of GDP, identifying Russia, China, and North Korea as the “most acute threat since World War II,” and setting a goal of acquiring a preventive strike capability that would include the destruction of enemy missile bases as a deterrent measure against retaliation, “turning the postwar pacifist constitution into a wastepaper.”

Fumio Kishida, who headed Japan’s cabinet in October 2021, played an active role in revising Japan’s military strategy.

According to the newspaper, US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel praised the decision. Equally, the Chinese Foreign Ministry strongly criticized the Cabinet’s decision and called on Japan to reconsider its national defense policy.

Kusar reminded readers that Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, who was shot dead in July 2022 already after his resignation, faced the largest mass protests in postwar decades over his initiative promoting militarization of the country in 2015 and was forced to give up.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency


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