Kurginyan: For Marx, spiritual production of Man was most important

10.12.2022, Aleksandrovskoye.

The upbringing of a new, harmonious, holistic Man, who would overcome the division of labor and the alienation of his human essence, was the most important thing for Marx, unlike material issues and the expropriation of assets, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on November 25 on the Conversation with a Sage program on the Zvezda radio station.

Kurginyan stressed that an idea about Marx as a philosopher who allegedly said that people only live for their stomach is absolutely wrong.

What did he say? That there is the highest kind of production, the spiritual production, the philosopher indicated.

Kurginyan noted that “a profound perversion” of Marx’ ideas is the cliche entrenched earlier in the Soviet period about a basis and a superstructure, according to which a material basis is the key element, while the superstructure subordinate to the basis is the spirit.

There was nothing like that. Firstly, the basis is not the matter. The basis is property relations. Production relations determined by the productive forces. And the main productive force, according to Marx, is what? Man. And how do we call what produces him? Spiritual production,” the philosopher explained.

The host Anna Shafran noted that Kurginyan’s interpretation of Marx looked radical.

No, indeed, you can find it all there. Did I make up that human essence is alienated? the political scientist argued.

He [Marx] said that the alienation of the human essence would only be overcome when no division of labor remains. Not when property is expropriated, this is nonsense. The division of labor is what must be overcome! Man must be holistic, harmonious, new etc. Therefore, the spiritual production as the production of Man is essential,” he added.

Kurginyan reiterated that misunderstanding of Marx’ theory is due to its oversimplification and misinterpretation in the Soviet period. As a result, instead of seeking to change Man, the construction of machines and the production of goods was declared the main thing, while culture, education, and humanities were marginalized.

In fact, of course not machines, but Man who produces them should be the main value, the political scientist believes.

He [Man] is the top priority, he is the main productive force, he must be idolized, he must be created. And he is created through the spiritual production: culture, education etc.,” Kurginyan indicated.

According to the political scientist, if the people in Russia comprehend and trust Marx’ idea, then, instead of the upbringing of a qualified consumer that was sought very recently, we will educate Man “who can withstand and lead, alternative Man, Man who creates true life, Man of creation.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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