Opinion: Iranian authorities have made concessions to protesters, what next?

04.12.2022, Moscow.

On December 4, Iran’s attorney general announced the abolition of the morality police.

The day before, the prosecutor also announced that the country is revising its hijab law.

Is this a fulfillment of the protesters’ demands? Yes and no. After all, there are many more demands.

The measures taken will greatly reduce protest activity, but will not solve the problems that these protests have revealed. Part of society demands a serious restructuring of the system, up to and including the rejection of the supremacy of the religious branch of government. Somewhere the economic and ethnic problems have not been solved.

But in any case, once concessions are made, the opposition will know that it can put pressure on the authorities by taking to the streets, and it will do so. When will this happen? Then, when there is a new reason to stir up discontent…

Translated from Oriental Stories.

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