Former security service officer: Provocations should be expected after MI6 chief visits Moldova

13.11.2022, Moscow.

A provocation and sabotage can be expected following the visit of MI6 chief Richard Moore to Moldova, former security service officer and sociologist Dmitry Soin said on November 13 on Solovyov live.

Soin recalled that Moore, during his one-day visit, met with President Maia Sandu, the head of the Information and Security Service (ISS) Alexandru Musteata, who, according to the expert, is a protégé of Sandu and Soros, and with Defense Minister Anatol Nosatii.

“The visit of the MI6 chief to Moldova indicates that some mechanisms will be put into action in the near future. One should expect some provocations and sabotage,” the expert said.

The head of the Romanian foreign intelligence ыукмшсу also visited Kishinyov. All this, along with withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson, causes anxiety for Transnistria, Soin said.

According to him, the MI6 head gave the president of Moldova, its security forces and the head of the Romanian intelligence agency instructions for further action. In doing so, Kiev may get the prospect of an attack on Transnistria.

“A geostrategic game is beginning. Transnistria alone cannot win this game. The forces are unequal. The situation is very complex,” said the former officer of special services.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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