Kurginyan: Servicemen should be decently integrated into the country’s life

08.11.2022, Moscow.

Russia should create infrastructure that would provide servicemen with a decent position in the society, stated political scientist, philosopher, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in The Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on Russia 1 TV channel on October 30.

Kurginyan asked a question about what people who returned from the front line to civilian life will have to do. These people are in their ninth year of fighting, and this is not the Great Patriotic War, “this is a different war,” the political scientist explained. The servicemen should not just be released into civilian life, where they are forced to flounder and solve their problems on their own, but they should be provided with social elevators, thanks to which these people will be able to take a decent place in society.

So, we have to somehow create an infrastructure whereby the serviceman will be a serviceman forever. A serviceman should not retire. He should become a mentor or something else in the private periphery, which should be more powerful than the state one,” the political scientist believes.

Kurginyan noted that people who have chosen the military career must be adequately provided with everything they need.

A serviceman is a special person who must live accordingly. I don’t want to see any more staff officers and generals who graduated from the General Staff Academy and so on, who have unimaginable apartments. This cannot be in the new Russia, if we want to win!” – the political scientist is convinced.”

According to Kurginyan, one of the priority tasks for Russia is to create a highly professional army of three million people, provided with everything it needs. In this connection it is very important that the attitude towards military service is formed in society as a very worthy occupation. The servicemen themselves must be elevated in every possible way, a special attitude towards them must be developed by the state and the population.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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