Kurginyan explains what future Russia’s three million-strong army must be like

08.11.2022, Moscow.

Russia needs a highly professional three million-strong army in order to survive. It will require major changes in public consciousness, said philosopher, political scientist, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on the Politkhnya program (Political kitchen, translator’s note) on the Donetsk TV Union channel on November 4.

Kurginyan suggested a more serious discussion of the three million-strong army idea, which is necessary for the defense of Russia. According to him, under current conditions it is impossible to talk about a general mobilization of the population, as it could have been carried out in the Soviet Union.

I see the real Russian society, I understand what has happened over thirty years, and so I am not talking about mobilizing ten million people and rushing to restore something,” explained the political scientist. He added that such mobilization is impossible now because the social situation is not the same as it was in the USSR.

The crisis analyst stressed that the idea is to create a highly professional Russian army which Russia hasn’t seen before. He suggested that the high-professional army should not be confused with a contract army. Such an army should combine the absolute integration of servicemen into the social elevators of the state and the provision of ultramodern arms.

The political scientist gave the example of volunteers who have been fighting for Donbass since 2014 – more than eight years. “People are already used to this war, they fight well. I have a question – if it ever ends, where should these people go back to? They should go back to a peaceful life with moderate savings. You can’t do that to this stratum,” the expert said.

And where should the officer who graduated from the General Staff Academy and is, let’s say, sixty years old, go back to? Should he go back to a peaceful retirement life? You can’t do that, the army should exist in such a way that a serviceman is a serviceman forever. So that when he leaves the service – let’s assume he has physical problems – he becomes a mentor and trains people, so that the way of life exists in which people understand that they are highlighted,“- explained the philosopher.

Russia faces the task of organizing a three million professional army of the type in which the servicemen will know that the people and the country need them for the rest of their lives, Kurginyan noted. He added that such an army should be heavily saturated with high-quality, ultramodern weapons, the creation of which requires a military-industrial complex.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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