USA “intercepts” tankers carrying diesel fuel to Europe

01.11.2022, Moscow.

Demand for diesel fuel in the United States has forced traders to reroute tankers originally intended for Europe there, Expert magazine expert Yevgeny Ogorodnikov wrote on November 1 on his Telegram channel.

“Faced with demand, traders are diverting tankers destined for Europe to the United States because the price of diesel fuel in the United States is now higher,” Ogorodnikov said.

The expert gave the example of tankers Thundercat and Proteus Jessica, which were originally intended for European countries and ended up in New York. According to Ogorodnikov, competition for diesel fuel between the US and Europe will intensify next year amid EU sanctions on the purchase of Russian oil products.

As a reminder, according to the US Energy Information Administration, US diesel stocks are now at 106 million barrels, which is almost the same as in 1951, and the United States population was half that.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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