Kurginyan explains why Ukraine needs a “dirty bomb”

27.10.2022, Moscow.

Ukraine’s possible use of a “dirty bomb” would not change anything from a warfare perspective, but would allow Russia’s enemies to escalate the conflict, stated political scientist, philosopher, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in The Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on Russia 1 TV channel on October 24.

What does this ‘dirty bomb’ itself signify? In fact it means nothing… This is not a strike by a strategic nuclear missile, this is a very unpleasant event of local significance, but it will immediately turn into a global event and lead to corresponding results,” Kurginyan is sure.

The political scientist noted that the West is trying by all means to “demonize Russia.” The use of nuclear weapons in the conflict in Ukraine, which they will also try to attribute to Russia, is an extremely serious factor.

They are making tremendous efforts in this direction in order to change public opinion, if possible, even in those countries that support us,” Kurginyan said.

Furthermore, according to Kurginyan, Kiev’s Western allies hoped that Russia would lose in Ukraine in three to four months. This did not happen, and the process is “deadlocking.”

They need to push (the process) somewhere, and this ‘dirty weapon’ is the perfect micro-catalyst for the nightmarish macroprocess,” concluded the Essence of Time leader.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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