Kurginyan: The special operation demands a type of people who are no longer being brought up

22.10.2022, Aleksandrovskoye.

During the special operation in Ukraine, the type of people for whom the opportunity to serve the Motherland is a super-valuable opportunity for self-fulfillment turned out to be in demand. However, the system that selected and nurtured such people has been destroyed. This is what philosopher, political analyst, and leader of the Essence of Time movement, Sergey Kurginyan, stated in a new installment of the original program Destiny, published on the movement’s Youtube channel.

Kurginyan recalled the story of Russian President Vladimir Putin about one successful intelligence officer whose words hit the head of State. The intelligence officer risked his freedom, his health, and quite possibly his life every day, even though he could have worked in much quieter and better-paid places, because the Motherland entrusted him with what it did not entrust others.

‘I feel my worthiness and I am grateful to the Motherland for giving me such an opportunity‘. Putin said that those simple words turned everything around in his mind. ‘I felt what the value of being is: not in the satisfaction of one’s ambitions, but in service and in self-fulfillment in this way,’” cited Kurginyan.

The philosopher pointed out that such an attitude of that intelligence officer is the result of a certain spiritual production and generational succession that seeks to transmit certain values via a certain strategy.

For the transmission of values to take place, not only pedagogical institutions were created to select and educate future teachers, but also a variety of structures. The sum of these structures is called institutionality, and the process of transmission is organized within it.

Kurginyan stressed the importance of both the institutionality, within which the values were transmitted between the generations, and the quality of the people. Inside this institutionality high-quality people must be placed, not the collective General Kalugin or Skripal [traitors – translator’s note], the philosopher pointed out.

So only the combination of a certain hard-to-reach organizational order (aka institutionality) and the high-quality people that fill this organization (like water in a cup: the cup is the organization, and people are the water) can produce the desired results. And these people are not easy to find. They are extracted, formed, transformed and used in the course of so-called spiritual production,” Kurginyan explained.

However, in the post-Soviet period, institutionalism has been broken, and the people have been selected and formed according to a principle which is opposite to the one that took place during the era when the intelligence officer, whose words hit the president of the Russian Federation, was formed.

The program is devoted to a discussion of the possibilities to withstand in a situation when the West is determined to destroy Russia, not falling for provocations pushing it to use nuclear weapons.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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