Ukraine has become a testing ground for military equipment. Opinion

12.10.2022, Moscow.

Ukraine has turned into a testing ground for testing the military-technical equipment of all willing countries, the Black October editorial to the reports from the theater of war published in the Essence of Time newspaper reads.

The latest weapons systems of advanced countries, including Israel and Iran, are being tested in Ukraine. The US newspaper Politico reported on the huge problem posed by the Iranian Shahed and Mohajer series drones for the Ukrainian armed units. The Ukrainian army claims great damage and devastating results from the drones that Tehran has supplied to the Kremlin.

“Some struck combat positions, crushing tanks and armored vehicles, while others struck civilian infrastructure, including in the port city of Odessa,” The Politico wrote. The advantage of Iranian drones is their small size and flight at low altitudes, which makes it easier for them to evade Ukraine’s air defense.

Drones can be shot down by man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) such as the Stinger, but only during the day, as MANPADS are not equipped with night vision systems.

Iranian drones have proven effective against Toyota pickup trucks, which are used by the Ukrainian army during the offensive. To combat Iranian drones, Ukraine will receive Israeli-US anti-drone weapons from the United States, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgeniy Korniychuk said in a televised marathon. According to him, Israel has already agreed to supply military items.

“Ukraine has already turned into a kind of testing ground, where all those who wish to try their strength and test their military-technical developments,” the editorial reads.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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