Kurginyan: Russia can only win against the West if it changes reality

28.09.2022, Moscow.

To win the confrontation with the West, we first need to comprehend what is taking place and to transform the reality in our country, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on September 20 in a new issue of the Destiny broadcast published on the movement’s Youtube channel.

According to the political scientist, the Destiny program is intended exactly for proposing the means of understanding and transformation of the entire Russian reality, the reality we have around us, regardless how dear or how bad it can be for anyone. He noted that our reality has turned out to be inappropriate in the new situation, the war against the West. “It was wonderful before the ‘ice age,’ but now we have the ‘ice age,’” Sergey Kurginyan noted.

According to Kurginyan, our country’s elite is interested in a situation when the citizens watching TV or the Internet would only register information like machines and react to it the way animals do, without understanding the meaning of what is taking place. Man can’t resign himself to just register what is taking place and react, the philosopher stressed.

“He is neither a beast nor a machine. He has intelligence to go beyond such framework. In fact, he has such intelligence in order to go beyond. This is why his intelligence dictates that he goes beyond. He cannot refuse it unless he loses intelligence, i.e. not just transforms into a beast (where instincts rule) but simply goes insane,” the political scientist explained.

Understanding the reality is a kind of an activity like any other activities, and it requires certain tools. The tools of understanding, according to the political scientist, have to be clear and obvious for everyone. Also, the tools of understanding our reality, the philosopher believes, must be consistent with our reality itself, which is “brutal, relentless, and willing to eliminate us.”

“The reality is so serious that we cannot afford any decorating or showing off. The tools of understanding the reality must be not only CLEAR, they must also be ACCESSIBLE for people with various educational backgrounds. This is the language we will have to speak in the coming years,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement stressed.

Kurginyan believes that one of such tools is the concept of “productive forces.” The essence of the processes that have been taking place after the collapse of the Soviet Union can be described based on this tool of understanding. According to Kurginyan, a rapid, barbarian, and unprecedented in history voluntary destruction of productive forces of the country was taking place in 1990s, and first of all of its “creative class,” i.e. its technical and cultural intelligentsia.

Our society desperately needs to understand and internalize the magnitude of the destruction of the productive forces under the guise of “market-type reforms.” According to the philosopher, neither withstanding nor progress to the future are possible without such understanding.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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