Kurginyan: Kiev pays for visits by “European whores” with thousands of lives

21.09.2022, Moscow.

A visit by one Russophobic politician to Kiev is paid by tens of thousands lives of Ukrainian young men, said political scientist, philosopher and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on September 17 on the Right to Know program on the TVC channel.

“This rampancy of violent Bandera Nazism, it does exist! You say there are various (Western ― Rossa Primavera News Agency) figures visiting Kiev. What is the cost of that? Do you have any idea how many bodies that piece of the Kharkov territory cost?! Do you have any idea at all? There is no land there anymore! This means it is paid with the lives of these Ukrainian guys. So, tens of thousand bodies are the price for one high-ranking European whore to come there! And this is what the national government (of Ukraine ― Rossa Primavera News Agency) is doing,” Kurginyan noted.

The political scientist stressed that only those who are absolutely detached from history can live in “euphoria over one single situation” near Kharkov and in hopes for the defeats of the Russian army near Izyum and Kupyansk would end with talks in Moscow “about unconditional surrender.”

“Putin is a strong and willful personality. He can make mistakes as any other person. He is very reluctant to change this reality. He keeps saying, ‘Indeed, you will feel sorry later.’ <…> It (the situation at the Kharkov direction ― Rossa Primavera News Agency) is overwhelming, but don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. And everyone who believes that the Russian people are fragile that they will get disappointed and frustrated quickly, they are idiots who forgot their history,” the philosopher explained.

However, Kurginyan warned against cocksure sentiments in Russia, and he indicated that the country is “in the beginning of a terrible path,” because the unleashed conflict is becoming existential, and “it will have a terrible cost.”

“But who is paying its cost? And what is the meaning of this path? This is an ugly medium war, and the price is paid to define the future parameters of the global process,” the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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