Kurginyan: US needs to defeat Russia before facing China

19.09.2022, Aleksandrovskoye.

Defeating Russia would allow the United States to confirm its world domination for a long time ahead, which is important in the lead up to the inevitable confrontation with China, Sergey Kurginyan, a philosopher, political analyst, and leader of the Essence of Time movement, stated in his interview to Belarusian ONT TV channel on September 14.

They [the United States] are preparing for a fight with China, for which they have to smash everything here in Russia,” Kurginyan explained.

They need to frighten the rest of the world, the political scientist noted, telling it, “Well, you bastards, did you see that? Whos next?

If the US defeats Russia, it will show the whole world what happens to a country that does not wish to fully obey the United States, and will force everyone again to do what they want, the political scientist is convinced.

They have huge goals, they’re getting weaker, their economy is not what it was even in the 1970s, right? It’s all slowly withering away. But not as fast as our anti-Americanists are howling,” Kurginyan stated.

The philosopher is sure that the United States and the West as a whole are still quite capable of a serious fight, imposing sanctions, supplying weapons to Ukraine, trying to stir up conflicts all along the Russian border and doing many other things.

They need to achieve here the elimination of the collective feast of disobedience. And so nail it down so that everyone remembers for another 20 years that you can’t rebel against the Yankees,” the political scientist summarized.

The goals are these. And, I assure you, they are very predatory people,” he added.

According to Kurginyan, unlike the Russian authorities, Western elites do not babysit their own population and harshly lower the living standards of EU residents. As for Russia, according to the philosopher, no one in the West will reach any agreement with it, they will seek to finish it off. Therefore, the only chance for Russia to survive is to restructure its politics, economy, army and the entire society for a long-term confrontation with the West.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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