The West unambiguously assesses “regrouping” of Russian Armed Forces. Opinion

18.09.2022, Moscow.

The West interprets the events of recent weeks on the special operations’ fronts as Russia’s defeat, the authors of The Essence of Time newspaper write in the Summaries from the Theater of War.

In Russia, assessments of what is really happening in Ukraine vary. On the other hand, Western politicians and media clearly believe that the Russian army has suffered a “fiasco”, and they even speak of the “beginning of the disintegration” of the Russian Federation.

Typical, for example, are the headlines in the German media about the events of recent days, “A defeat that cannot be called that way,” “Fiasco on the front and fireworks in Moscow,” “Is it a turning point in Ukraine?” and “Now Putin is mobilizing everything, because he has to prevent his collapse.

Some believe that what has happened is a temporary situation, which happens during combat operations (“not everything is just an offensive, things happen“). Somebody, on the contrary, sees in this not just incompetence of the General Staff, but direct betrayal.

In any case, in fact we must admit that the West (not only politicians, who sometimes excel Herod in their assessments, but also quite rational military men) considered this retreat to be another sign of Russia’s weakness. And it even went so far as to say that this is the beginning of its disintegration. And the West plans an unconcealed supply of the really latest heavy weapons to Ukraine…

But the ideological damage from the retreat is no less, if not more. And it’s not even about cries of “great peremoga [English victory]“, but about the population of Ukrainian towns and villages left by our troops. This population believed that “Russia has come forever” and began to help, and now find themselves in the power of embittered Banderites, who consider them accomplices of the Russians. What was staged in Bucha may now become a terrible reality in Izyum and other towns.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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