Scientist: It is necessary to use all reserves of Russian Defense Ministry to win in Ukraine

14.09.2022, Moscow.

Head of the Ukraine department at the Institute of Commonwealth of Independent States Countries Ivan Skorikov urged to use all reserves of the Russian Defense Ministry to win the military special operation in Ukraine in an interview published by the online newspaper on September 14.

“We have enough reserves. We have, according to the Ministry of Defense, an army of over a million people, many reservists and people with experience. It’s time to understand that we need to engage serious forces. The situation demands this,” the expert said, urging “not to frighten society” with mobilization.

Skorikov pointed out that the nature of the conflict is such that one should speak not about a special operation but about a patriotic war. According to the expert, this must be the attitude of authorities and society to what is happening.

“This is really a patriotic war for us, a war for existence,” Skorikov said, noting that in Ukraine the conflict is presented this way and Russia should treat the conflict in the same way. “The very logic of the already developing process leads us, no matter how much some of the elites do not want it, to the fact that this is a real patriotic war, and we are fighting there for our Russian lands,” he stressed.

The scientist also urged not to panic after the defeats of the Russian army in Ukraine, explaining that the Ukrainian troops prepared for defense in advance and defend themselves in fortified areas, which the Russian military that is outnumbered by the enemy can not afford.

According to Sergey Kurginyan, political analyst and leader of the Essence of Time movement, the conflict in Ukraine has an existential nature for Russia, in which the collective West wants to finish Russia off. This is why, says Kurginyan, it is necessary to use more contract servicemen for special operations, entrusting the defense of facilities inside the country to conscripts.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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