“You’re on the right side of history, bro, not like these Russians!”

Recently, Metsola, the President of the European Parliament, once again accused Russia of unmotivated aggression against Ukraine. In fact, she declared the infallibility of the EU position, and its fundamental right to determine justice, right and truth, its arbitrary right to judge and adjudicate, without regard to any international norms. Well, she is not the first, nor will she be the last.

A particularly frequent argument that they in the West regularly have to remind each other of is that they are on the right side of History.

What is History to them? And what is their relationship to it? What is History? Does it have a right or a wrong side?

History either exists or does not. The West, which proclaimed the end of history after the collapse of the Soviet Union, admitted its wrongness not so long ago. So it turned out that history is not over, after all. And the West has to invent “sides”.

Since the topic of these sides was introduced relatively recently, the people in the Western countries still don’t really understand which side is right and which is wrong, and the Western elites and intellectuals keep reminding the citizens and each other of this matter.

You brush your teeth, wash your face with a glass of water, look in the mirror and tell yourself: I’m on the right side of history. You could also put up reminder posters on the walls of your apartments, “You’re on the right side of history, bro, not like these Russians!”

They have to remind each other who is the aggressor in this situation in Ukraine and who is not. And where the real Nazism exists and where it does not…

One may learn from the news that in Ukraine, they display the Nazi salute, they build Nazism according to all canons, but Biden says that Ukraine is a democratic country and is on the right side of history.

She sober people seeing such manifestations of the “right side” should come to the idea that for the contemporary West fascism, Nazism and dehumanization of humanity is the right side of history.

P.S. Why would they do such a trick? They’re activating everything they’ve accumulated from the Cold War and fine-tuning it to declare another end of history. To ignore this level of influence on the global historical process means death.

This means that in predicting and planning actions it is necessary to consider not only the “civilizational” model, but also “historical.” And also something more that takes into account the joint work of these models.

Translated from https://t.me/gazetasut/391

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