Opinion: The disintegration of the USSR made Europe rich

28.08.2022, Kishinyov.

The high level of consumption in Europe was made possible by plundering the resources of the former Soviet Union, Moldovan historian and journalist Zurab Todua said on August 27 during the program Mechanism of Action with Elena Levitskaya-Pakhomova on the NTV-Moldova TV channel.

“The disintegration of the Soviet Union allowed Western Europe, firstly, to increase its standard of living, and secondly, by mastering those [USSR] resources that actually went to European elites, allowed them to enrich themselves and prolong the existence of their system,” said Todua.

The problems experienced by the capitalist system are related to the fact that the cheap resources have ended, the process of acquiring the territory of the former Soviet empire has ended, and Europe can no longer use the results of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the historian said.

The collective West led by the United States unleashed a proxy war on the territory of Ukraine against Russia. The main reason for Western aggression against Russia is Moscow’s desire to defend its national interests and national security. In particular, for Russia, the issue of NATO expansion to the east is a matter of principle and a matter of ensuring the security of the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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