Kurginyan explains why Russia is facing an existential challenge

23.08.2022, Moscow.

The special military operation in Ukraine has an existential significance, because the West has stopped hiding its intentions to finish Russia off, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on August 18 in the new most recent broadcast of his program Destiny published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

“The West has initiated this challenge as a reaction to the special military operation in Ukraine and it becomes existential, because the West has stopped hiding its intentions to finish off this ’snarling Russian beast’, or our Homeland,” – said Kurginyan.

The West is loathing it and wants to destroy not only the Russian state, but everything Russian in general.

“In the past it was not possible but now the West is being brutally honest about its disgust with everything Russian — the Russian people, Russian culture, Russian mentality; in other words, every component of our existence — and now, its goal is not to correct all this, not about changing the sociocultural codes, as Anatoly Rakitov, Russian philosopher, specialist in logic and methodology, put it, but in the destruction of something that is unacceptable. And everything that defines us is unacceptable. Now, it is declared openly. Before, it has not been stated so broadly,” explained Kurginyan.

According to the expert, there is a rapidly growing number of Western experts who express an opinion that the Ukrainian victory over Russia, fought with the help of the West, should result in the dismemberment of Russia and the creation of “various ghettos in the remaining pieces of its torn territory, where the local population will be systematically exterminated.

“This was discussed a lot in the 90s, Zbigniew Brzeziński championed such ideas. Then, even Brzeziński changed his mind, and they shut it up; and now they took the genie out of the bottle again, and it’s like a fountain spilling the old ideas as if there is no end in sight. And there is no end to it. Previously, the West claimed that such intentions belonged to crazy Russian conspiracy theorists,” noted the analyst.

Now, according to Kurginyan, high-ranking Western representatives openly admit that the West has seriously decided to carry out something even more ruthless in relation to Russia than Hitler’s Generalplan Ost.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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