Kurginyan compares the Nazification of Ukraine and pre-World War II Germany

23.08.2022, Moscow.

The nazification of the Ukrainian population has lasted much longer than the nazification of Hitler’s pre-war Germany, stated the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the new instalment of the original program Destiny, published on the YotuTube channel of the movement on August 18.

Sergey Kurginyan reminded in the program that he warned about the danger of neglecting the pro-Nazi activists’ capabilities in Ukraine.

Do not neglect the capabilities of such an abominable activist, I told those who believe that everything in the world is reduced to the simplest material interest. The criminal idea, having seized the Ukrainian masses with the blessing of the criminal state and the West, I told our ultrapragmatists. This idea is bound to become a serious material force,” Sergey Kurginyan said.

The political scientist then drew a parallel between two examples of Nazification on the territory of Europe – in Hitler’s Germany and in Ukraine these days.

Hitler’s cannibalistic activists had only eight years to break the German masses in. I am referring to the period from the Nazis coming to power in 1933 to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The same eight years, if 2014 is taken as the beginning of the period of frenzied brainwashing of the Ukrainian population, were the same for the Bandera scum. But in the previous 20-odd years, didn’t the Banderites do the same thing with the assistance of all the leaders of the Ukrainian state, including Mr. Yanukovich?” – the analyst compares.

According to him, after the Nazi activists in Ukraine carried out the nazification of the population, there was no longer funny stories about “the Ukras, who dug out the Black Sea.

The powerful and united Nazi-Banderite activists managed, with the assistance of the Ukrainian authorities and the West, to turn very many citizens of Ukraine into haters of the so-called Moscals (Moscovites) – ready to fight with those who were previously considered fraternal Russian people, and after brainwashing turned out to be a deadly enemy, who must be mercilessly exterminated for the glory of the Banderite, that is, the Nazi anti-Russian idea,” said the political analyst.

He noted that with such a massive brainwashing, this idea has actually been transformed from marginal nonsense into a strong national ideology.

A similar “transformation” happened with the “Nazi rotten idea” in Germany as a result of Hitler’s eight-year ideological assault and pressure. In Germany it turned into “an idea, in its essence, extremely close to the all-German idea“.

And for God’s sake, do not, denying the obvious, cite the anti-Nazi Germans as a counter-example to refute the undoubtedness of this transformation. Were there many of them, and did they do a lot? Huge numbers of Germans fought in Berlin in May 1945 for the glory of the beloved Adolf Hitler. Well, so something similar will take place in the case of real, and not at all invented by the Kremlin, banderization that is the Nazification of Ukraine, I said. And this has happened,” Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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