Kurginyan: The authorities must stop criminal accumulation of capital

17.08.2022, Aleksandrovskoye.

The Russian authorities must stop the primitive accumulation of capital in the country before this capital, with its clearly criminal nature, ruins the society, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in a new issue of his original program Kurginyan: What Russia Needs to Defeat Ukraine, the USA, the Collective West – and Russia’s Regress published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

Boris Yeltsin, after he came to power in 1991, promised to build capitalism in five years. By then, there was no legal capital in the country, the analyst explained. Members of the Academy of Sciences, who had the highest salaries in the Soviet Union, had no chance to buy the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Plant or the Norilsk Nickel plant.

“This means that a rapid building of capitalism that Yeltsin performed had to rely on illegally accumulated capital. That could be either the underworld or certain security service stashes that are more criminal than the underworld. And this is exactly what was done,” Kurginyan explained.

In the Western countries, in contrast to Russia, a legal capital accumulated for centuries. According to the political scientist, those capitals, along with ones that could come from piracy, were accumulated by craftsmen and merchants. In England, the feudal land property was used as the primary accumulation of capital during the transition of the economy to the capitalist model.

In Russia of the early 1990s, “a mere outlaw was the one who came to power, to certain extent. Or a sort of a quasi-para-outlaw. And this kind of a public seeks regress. Because regress is what sits well with it,” Sergey Kurginyan noted.

Kurginyan offered some examples of the criminal orgy of the early 1990s: major radio stations broadcasting criminal songs, criminal slang used by the elite, merciless destruction of everything that could reproduce anything complex. The criminal capitalism, according to the expert, destroyed “everything that was achieved with great effort, talent, sacrifice; all that was mercilessly eliminated.”

And this process has not been stopped; the avalanche-like regress of the Yeltsin period has only been slowed down, Sergey Kurginyan explains.

“The criminal original accumulation of capital has never been terminated at all. Leaders of such accumulation changed, but not its nature,” he noted.“If we fail to abandon, in the most fierce way, the phase of the criminal primitive accumulation, if we fail to cut the criminal polyp off our society, on the body of which this polyp has grown, then this polyp will transform into a malignancy, because everyone will seek to become part of it, and the robbery will become the most important thing, and it will be glorified,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement warned.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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