Kurginyan: Humanity faces a choice – to resist evil or to perish

16.08.2022, Aleksandrovkoye.

In a hedonistic society humans are faced with a choice: to resist the advancement of techno-feudalism with its dehumanization, or to perish, writes philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an article entitled War has been Declared on Humanity – How do we resist?, published in The Essence of Time newspaper.

Today, the idea of the so-called inclusive capitalism is being actively propagated from various high rostrums, as a desirable future for the whole world, pointed out the political scientist.

Experts who studied the original works of Karl Marx insisted that Marx himself did not consider capitalism as a fully developed formation, recalled Kurginyan. According to them, Marx recognized slavery and feudalism as such – developed societal models. But capitalism, according to Marx, is not a formation, but rather a transitional state, a period from one feudalism, which is based on Christian values, and where there is a place for humanism, to a different kind of feudalism, where humanism does not exist.

“For techno-feudalism is an absolutely dehumanizing form of post-capitalism, designed not to control people who maintain their attributes as the Homo sapiens species, but rather turns people into something else, into a certain form of post-human ‘flesh’ ”, writes Kurginyan.

According to the Western mega-trend, humanity must submit to precisely this – transforming a human being into a post-human form for the ultimate enslavement. For a secular person, submitting to this mega-trend means to submit to the greatest enemy of humanity, and for a religious person – to surrender to the Antichrist, stressed the expert.

“In this sense, for both secular and religious people, the era that’s coming can be called the end times,” noted the author.

coming of Christ closer, emphasized Kurginyan. The Orthodox have this idea of the Katechon, which “views saving the world from the disaster as a blessed act,” recalled the author.

As for secular humanists, during the end times they, according to the author, should be mobilized for a holy war against the forces of evil, which “can and should end in a historic victory for the good, which was already accomplished on May 9, 1945.”

“And during these end times, a hedonistic society is literally faced with a choice between salvation, that is, self-defense, or death. Today, such a conclusion cease to be viewed simply as pathetic words or words that are firmly inscribed in certain religious concepts. They become quite a legitimate and a proper analysis,” concluded the leader of the Essence of Time movement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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