Russian senator: US wants to throw Beijing off balance

15.08.2022, Moscow.

The USA wants to use the provocations around Taiwan to throw Beijing off balance and to form an anti-Chinese front, Vice Chairman of the Council of Federation of Russia Konstantin Kosachev wrote on August 15 on his Telegram channel.

Kosachev noted that the second visit of US high-ranking politicians to Taiwan cannot be considered an isolated trick of an eccentric lady, but it is a trend.

“The visit to Taipei by a delegation of US congressmen led by democrat senator Ed Markey confirms the US’ policy aimed at the escalation in relations with China,” Kosachev said.

US’ references to the concept of separation of powers, he believes, are insincere, and he stressed that these should not distract anyone. According to Kosachev, blatant provocations with Taiwan suggest that the US pursues two goals, “to throw Beijing off balance” and, after it responds violently, “to form an anti-Chinese front in Asia.”

“Apparently, the USA believes it will benefit from a conflict with China than from cooperation with it,” Kosachev said. He noted that Beijing is now not eager to confront, but this does not mean China will not respond. According to the senator, China has a much wider planning horizon than the US. This is why the US may win a war but “lose the peace.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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