Europe's powder keg – who sets it on fire and why

31.07.2022, Moscow.

The conflict on the Kosovo-Serbia border is destabilizing Europe in addition to the crisis in Ukraine.

The main beneficiary of this destabilization is, as usual, across the ocean.

Recall that KFOR, a NATO-led international force, is deployed in the region. This casts some light on the question of who has an influence on the situation there. By the way, at the request of the United States, refugees from Afghanistan were placed in Kosovo.

Serbia, with its vector towards the EU, criticized from all sides for its ties with Russia and China, remains in a very difficult situation. All attacks and cases of discrimination against Serbs in Kosovo are ignored by the cherished EU. In the case of a conflict with Pristina, there is not much help for Serbia.

Ultimately, they want to strip Serbia of what is left of its sovereignty. At the very least, the collective West aims to further weaken the country’s influence in Serb-inhabited northern Kosovo. If the Serbs will not react, they lose Kosovo, and the political situation in the country will begin to change dramatically.

This is not the first conflict on the border. Last time, Pristina managed to bargain for mutual recognition of license plates.

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