Pelosi's visit to Taiwan may cause a large-scale conflict. Opinion

28.07.2022, Moscow.

A visit to Taiwan planned by the speaker of US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi may trigger a large-scale conflict between China and the USA, political analyst Rafael Ordukhanyan shared his opinion with Rossa Primavera News Agency on July 28.

Nancy Pelosi’s entourage and the politician herself do not understand that they are playing with fire, Ordukhanyan said. “China has made it very clear what actions will be taken in case of such provocation,” the expert stressed. According to him, even the danger of conflict does not stop the US leadership.

“These people are ready to hide their shady dealings at the expense of the potential risk of starting a full-scale military conflict with China,” the political scientist outlined the situation in the White House. He stressed that the issue of Taiwan is a matter of prestige for China, and therefore China will not retreat. Especially since China will hold a National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in the fall of 2022, which will decide the fate of Xi Jinping.

“A very real provocation to start a large-scale conflict that could escalate into a global confrontation between at least China and the USA,” the Americanist explained the significance of Pelosi’s discussed trip to Taiwan. He added that a large-scale conflict between Washington and Beijing would drag other countries in, and this would already start a world war.

The US administration is “ready to destroy their own country, not to mention that they are ready to destroy the whole world, just to stay in power,” Ordukhanyan noted. In his opinion, there have never been such examples in contemporary history. Even during the most turbulent periods in US-Soviet relations, politicians have been able to stop and reach agreements to avoid mutual destruction.

Relations between Beijing and Washington worsened amid speculation that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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