Cuban president calls for unity among communist parties of the world

28.07.2022, Havana.

First secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPC) and president of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel called the task of uniting the communist parties of the world urgent, Prensa Latina reported on July 28.

In his address to the International Forum of Marxist Parties, organized by the Communist Party of China in a video format, the Cuban leader thanked for the opportunity to exchange theoretical achievements and practical experience of these organizations.

The Cuban leader of state emphasized that since its inception, Marxism has provided the scientific basis for the class struggle of the world proletariat and the international working class.

Díaz-Canel mentioned in the letter the mistakes made in the name of the Marxist tradition, the failures and deformations. He stressed that Marxism in Cuba merged with the best elements of the national revolutionary tradition, of which Jose Marti and Fidel Castro Ruz were among the brightest representatives.

He noted that Cuba is working toward prosperous, sustainable and democratic socialism as part of the process of renewing its model of development.

“We firmly believe that socialism is the only path of development with social justice as a creative overcoming of capitalism, its unsustainable irrationality and the values that guide it,” he added.

He recalled the positive and negative lessons of other countries that have previously taken this path, and what it means to be near and under the pressure of such a powerful adversary as the United States government.

Díaz-Canel condemned the growing aggressiveness of US authorities against Cuba, using unconventional warfare tools such as disinformation, lies, double standards and hypocrisy.

“The reality of today’s world confirms that it is becoming increasingly necessary and urgent for Marxist parties to unite to address the great challenges before them. Only unity in diversity will ensure our victory,” said the president.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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