Head of the Republic of Crimea commemorates the memory of the children of Donbass who died at the hands of Ukrainian Nazis

27.07.2022, Simferopol.

The current Kiev regime is a Moloch that demands child sacrifice. The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov stated this on July 27 on his Telegram channel.

On Memorial Day for Children – Victims of the War in Donbass, the head of the republic expressed condolences to the parents who lost their children during the war in Donbass.

“The alley of angels in Donetsk is a symbol of genocide, a symbol of the crimes of the terrorist Kiev regime, which have no statute of limitations. This regime is not just Nazi and anti-Russian, it is anti-human. Ukrainian statehood is a Moloch to which children are sacrificed. This foul idol must be destroyed, it has no place in history,” the statement reads.

Aksenov recalled that at one time the Nazis, who came to power in Kiev in 2014, promised to “make Crimea Ukrainian or deserted.” According to Aksenov, the Ukrainian authorities implement these threats on the territories available to them.

“Therefore – only demilitarization and denazification, only Victory!” was written in the conclusion of the statement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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