Myśl Polska: Polish policy is being used to destroy Russia

22.07.2022, Warsaw.

Polish government policy is more likely to lead to the country’s downfall than to Russia’s ruin, analyst Andrzej Szlenzak said in an op-ed for the Myśl Polska website on July 21.

The author comments on the economic and political consequences of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

In his opinion, the world is divided into Anglo-Saxon countries and Europe on one side and Russia, China, Iran, India and other countries on the other side. In his view, Poland, which has aligned itself with the Western camp, is more troubled than Russia.

This split is a failure of US policy as well as of Poland. It means that Russia didn’t break economically and there is no perspective for that yet,” the analyst states. “I do not think that Russian citizens will have such problems with heating in winter as it is expected in Poland.

Schlenzak reminded that it is not possible to increase pressure on Russia because of the position of Germany, France and Italy that are more willing to soften sanctions against Russia. He sees the reason for this in the fact that the US and Polish authorities’ real goal is to destroy Russia, rather than to protect Ukraine.

This conflict is more Anglo-Russian than Ukrainian-Russian,” the author wrote. – The policy of the largest political groups in Poland is aimed at destroying Russia. The policy of the government and the de facto part of the opposition will rather lead to the fall of Poland than to the devastation of Russia,” concludes Schlenzak.

For the last year Poland has experienced considerable militarization: the army of the country has grown from 150 to 300 thousand people, the authorities of the country are planning to increase financing of the army from 2% to 4% of GDP, the US and NATO military are actively placed in the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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