Oriental studies expert suggests that Abe’s assassin might pretend amateur

20.07.2022, Moscow.

The assassination of Shinzo Abe was done either unprofessionally or deliberately unprofessionally. Director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of Moscow State University Aleksey Maslov stated this in an interview published in The Essence of Time newspaper, issue 490.

Oriental studies expert said that security guards of the highest state leaders work very professionally in Japan. It is unbelievable that a guarded person could be approached during a rally, especially from the back.

In addition, the assassin managed to run some distance, and Abe’s place of speech in the city of Nara was very poorly protected. Maslov explained that in Japan politicians fear not a gunshot, but some kind of humiliating action, such as someone throwing a cake in his face.

“Everything was done either just unprofessionally or deliberately unprofessionally. No one was aiming a sniper rifle from the neighboring house. The killer did the most primitive thing you can imagine at all,” Maslov said.

“It was either an amateur fanatic, or, on the contrary, a super-professionally planned operation, the purpose of which was to show that it had been exactly an ‘amateur’,” he stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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