Draghi was not allowed to desert a sinking ship. Opinion

15.07.2022, Donetsk.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi was not allowed to desert a sinking ship of the Italian government, expert of Rossa Primavera News Agency Alessandra Romano said on July 14.

“When a ship sinks, the rats are the first to desert it,” Romano notes. “Draghi wanted to desert a sinking ship, but his plan failed.”

Draghi’s future will be decided by a vote in parliament. “It’s too early to write him off yet,” Romano commented.

Romano sees the reason for the rejection of Draghi’s resignation in the great contribution that Draghi has made to the systematic destruction of Italy’s economic, industrial and corporate sphere. Moreover, Draghi did it not only when ruling the country.

Even before he joined the current government, Draghi was chairman of the European Central Bank. Greece will long reap the fruits of his presidency.

“People like that are very much needed by those who are making a global rearrangement of the world,” Romano said confidently. “And they won’t just let him go.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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