Kurginyan: Russia is implementing a new geoeconomical strategy

07.07.2022, Moscow.

In response to the West’s onslaught, Russia must build a new country and lead the world, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on July 2 on the Radio-Electronic Warfare program on Channel One.

According to Sergey Kurginyan, the Western countries offered such a major challenge to Russia that a new country has to be built to respond to it.

“This means that we must roll up our sleeves. There is a saying, ‘put one foot in front of the other.’ We should build everything, from higher intellectual domain, basic science, applied science, and design engineering departments to the army, which we need to face this,” Kurginyan explained.

The meetings of the Western leaders where they discuss Vladimir Putin’s torso look like underworld bosses’ gatherings, the political scientist noted. He believes that the Western leaders have turned to the criminal approach in their confrontation with Russia, demonstrating a typical bandits’ style.

“All of them are bloody jokers. This is their gangster language, and the situation is criminal inside. Then they did all that in Lithuania. Even the Germans have had too much of it already, do you understand? Europe is already stammering of what they have done,” Sergey Kurginyan commented. He believes that the very fact of imposing sanctions for transporting goods from the national territory to the national territory is extraordinary.

“For what are those sanctions? If some goods are moved from Kamchatka to Magadan, will there be sanctions, too? For transporting from Leningrad to Ryazan, will there be sanctions? What kind of sanctions can there be when we transport from our territory to our territory?” the analyst wondered.

Kurginyan is confident: we must explain what Russia cannot agree with in the current world order, and we must propose our own way.

“I understand, the hegemony is what we cannot agree with. And what about everything else? Can we agree with the transformation of Man into a servicing man? Can we agree with the gender insanities? Can we agree with what the clip way of thinking transforms into when all the culture is gone, including the European one?” the political scientist listed the key questions.

Economically, Russia’s main goal is to restore the North-to-South transit corridor, which can counter the horizontal world of the pipelines to the Western countries.

“We are counterposing a fundamentally different geoeconomical strategy. These words about new transit corridors are not mere words. We have been transporting goods southwards through Iran for two months,” the expert explained.

Russia is recovering little by little, but it should do it faster, until the Western bands of “underworld bosses” make up something new, the analyst stressed.“Only when Russia understands and says straightforwardly that it is ready to lead a different direction, in all sectors, <…> only then they will come to their senses and realize that Russia is here to stay,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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