Kurginyan: Why is Russia waging the special operation with a limited contingent?

03.07.2022, Moscow.

Society must more seriously address two concepts characterizing the Ukrainian events, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan urged in his article Not Today but Very Soon published in the Zavtra newspaper on June 29.

“It seems to me that our public has an insufficiently serious regard towards two concepts characterizing everything that is currently happening in Ukraine. These two concepts are the special operation and the limited contingent,” Sergey Kurginyan proposed the key issue.

These two concepts, according to the political scientist, are based on a confidence that contemporary Russia can wage a successful war while maintaining quiet and comfortable life on its territory, because maintaining the so-called standards of living is of utmost value and thus a constant.

“Yes, Russia dominates in heavy equipment, and it is of great importance. Yes, our troops exhibit a humble combat heroism, and they advance in spite of any… circumstances. However, as minimization of casualties is also persistently and absolutely rightfully stipulated, our troops are advancing as much as it can only be possible in the mentioned circumstances. This is a heroic advance!” the political scientist admitted.

Nevertheless, Sergey Kurginyan indicates, we need to articulate due to what kind of logics, higher values, or goals the Ukrainian events are called “a special operation” performed by “a limited contingent.”

This is accounted for by the fact that “the Ukrainian events have had absolutely no impact on the cherished contemporary normal life of the citizens of Russia.” “This is why the special operation is not a war, this is why it is a limited contingent. This is the only reason, do you understand?”

Having reminded that Ukraine is mostly defending in industrial areas with strong fortifications, the expert stressed that “to assault such fortifications, the assaulting forces need to have a several-fold superior manpower than the defenders. The defenders ― not literally, but according to actual drafts ― have 700-800 thousand, while the assaulting forces together with the LDPR troops are about 350 thousand.” Thus, the defenders have a two-fold superiority.

The reason is that even a minor mobilization would excessively trouble the normal and calm life of the Russian society.

“In order to at least double our troops in Ukraine, at least all the contract servicemen have to be deployed in Ukraine. They would have to either break their contract or knowingly accept the risk that is essential for the military occupation,” Kurginyan writes. “But to this end, an extremely soft mobilization has to be organized in order to draft reservists solely for safe service in Russia. However, even such a soft mobilization cannot be afforded because it would trouble, even if slightly, the normal and thus cherished life of the Russian society.”

The idea of “normal life” is incompatible with the reality in the context of a war the West wages against Russia. In this situation, the Russian ideologists’ “new anti-Western Brezhnev-style language” sounds unpersuasive. “What kind of a language do the giants of the previous informational and ideological system have to adopt in order to become persuasive in the new conditions?” the political scientist wonders.

Without a fundamental transformation of the society, a strategic victory becomes impossible even given a tactical victory in Ukraine, he stresses. We must “rely on the existing Russia, meticulously look into its drawbacks, and build, with careful persistence, a new Russia at the same time. Because either we will build it or the entire humanity will roll into the abyss. But this abyss will take the old Russia unless a new Russia is built. Not today in Ukraine, because here we will quite likely make it. I repeat, not today. But very, very soon,” the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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