Kurginyan: Poland dreams of restoring Rzeczpospolita and finishing Russia off

22.06.2022, Moscow.

Poland’s mainstreaming its historical memory of the great Rzeczpospolita has awakened Warsaw’s intention to finish Moscow off, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on June 20 in a broadcast published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

According to Kurginyan, one cannot draw a line to all the current events from ancient history. For example, the history of the oil wars or the development of the space weapons should not be explained by something that took place in ancient Egypt or ancient Sumer.

“This is wrong!” the political scientist stressed, adding that “a current period has its specifics, its uniqueness. It always introduces a sort of a strategic novelty in the world, and this novelty has to be taken into account. Being a prisoner of historical predetermination is as bad as denying history and its influence on the current period.”

As for Poland, according to the political scientist, the fact that its officials continuously discuss Trimarium, Intermarium, potential interference with the Ukrainian affairs, and the building of a really major Western European bloc to counter Russia etc. suggests that convergence of history and modernity has an unprecedented relevance for this country.

“This new Rzeczpospolita wants to become the old one and to implement all its dreams about finishing Russia off the same way as the old Rzeczpospolita did. There is one eternal Rzeczpospolita. When it emerges from ruins like phoenix from ashes, this is exactly what it wants, and nothing but this,” the philosopher concluded.

Kurginyan explained that the people cannot remain immersed deep in their history for a long time; this is something that happens in certain pivotal periods. It is in such periods that the people’s historical memory becomes mainstreamed and begins to work as it flows out on the surface like magma from a volcano.

The philosopher reminded that a while ago sleeping historical energies were mainstreamed to destroy the Soviet Union. For example, notorious Zbigniew Brzeziński had a number of teams working on this. “This immediately the saying, ‘let sleeping dogs lie.’ How these sleeping dogs were awakened throughout the so-called perestroika period, how expertly it was done!” Kurginyan stressed.

The political scientist believes that mainstreaming the historical memory was used to fuel the Armenian-Azerbaijani and the Abkhazian-Georgian conflicts as well as the conflicts in Central Asia, etc.

“This is a property of historical memory. It can become a mainstream, and it never disappears. One can try to lock it into a sort of an underground, but later it re-emerges and starts working again. There is something fatal and pivotal at the same time in this,” Kurginyan concludes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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