Opinion of a French political scientist: War between two systems is underway in Ukraine

26.05.2022, Paris.

The transatlantic alliance is ready to use the last Ukrainian to bring its enemy Russia to its knees, political scientist and president of the humanitarian association Urgence Enfants du Donbass Emmanuel Leroy said in an interview with FranceSoir on May 25.

In his opinion, today the whole world is witnessing “the final war between NATO and Russia, as a war between two systems that oppose each other.”

At the beginning of May 2022, Emmanuel Leroy went to Mariupol with a group of Frenchmen as part of the mission of their association.

Emmanuel Leroy told France Soire about what the local population had to endure: bombing, lack of electricity, lack of food and drinking water. Unimaginable living conditions.

The political analyst also visited the Mariupol maternity hospital, which attracted the attention of the international media. Leroy was able to speak with the head of the maternity hospital, who confirmed that there were no casualties, contrary to the reports in Western sources.

According to him, the transatlantic alliance will not hesitate to use every last Ukrainian to bring its enemy to the knees.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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