German media asks in Treptower Park: Are you ashamed of being Russian?

09.05.2022, Berlin.

German media in Berlin asked people in the street whether they were ashamed of being Russian in the current situation during a celebration on May 9 in the Treptower Park, a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reported.

About 300 people, including official delegations from Russia, Kirgizia, and other countries gathered near the monument to the Soldier-Liberator in the Treptower Park in the morning. In spite of the ban that the official Berlin authorities imposed on any Russian flags and Soviet symbols, the people who came to the Treptower Park unfolded many of them.

Along with the guests at the Soviet memorial, numerous representatives of German media came, including ZDF, Spiegel, Bild, ARD etc. They videoed the event and attempted to interview the participants.

Many Russian-speaking participants refused to give an interview to the German media. A reason why they refused was the provocative tone of the questions.

An organizer of car rallies against Russophobia in Germany, after he repeatedly refused to give an interview, was directly asked, “Are you already ashamed of being Russian?”

In Germany, the memorial events usually take place on May 8 and 9. The Europeans mostly celebrate their holiday on May 8.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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