Kurginyan: The return of geopolitics will lead to conflicts in Europe

07.05.2022, Moscow.

The return of geopolitics as a factor in international relations will usher in an era of chaos in the West, said political scientist, philosopher, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on April 29 during the broadcast of the Great Game program on Channel One.

The statement made by British Foreign Minister Liz Truss about the return of geopolitics led to a commentary of the political scientist.

“Does she understand what she is saying? If geopolitics has returned, then we should expect a German adventure into the UK,” said the expert.

The concept of geopolitics does not exist by itself: it attracts a huge number of meanings – connotations, recalled Kurgunyan.

“Within geopolitics, there are such notions as: the land; the island; there are continental forces, there are confrontations between European continental powers <…>, there are German-English contradictions, Anglo-French contradictions,” explained the leader of the Essence of Time. He noted that if Europe wants to resurrect such geopolitics, they will get a complete lack of unity and multiple conflicts in their community.

“They will have to deal with the disintegration of their own countries, the strong evidence of that is already seen in England and Scotland, as well as Spain: and by no means with the Basques only – it’s Catalonia and so on,” noted the political scientist. In this sense, the return of geopolitics is the real thing, added the political scientist.

The expert advised Liz Truss to be careful with conclusions about geopolitics, “because its return will be the end of the Western monolith, which will start the era of chaos in the West.”

On April 28, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss delivered a speech in which she called on the free countries to unite their military power. In her opinion, a new approach is needed in the conflict with Russia, its framework is outlined by the return of geopolitics.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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