Kurginyan speaks about West’s hidden objectives in Ukraine

03.05.2022, Moscow.

Nazification and dehumanization are the hidden part of West’s operation in Ukraine, but it is not limited to them, said political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on April 25 on The Great Game program on Channel One.

Certain pagan, satanic cults are practiced in the Azov neo-Nazi unit (organization banned in Russia). When the Ukrainian Nazis hastily retreat, satanic symbols are found on their bases. However, it is them that the NATO countries have trained and armed since 2014.

On April 24, videos of a rally in New York were circulated on the Internet that showed participants chanting the name of this nationalist battalion.

Although all the so-called “ancient” Ukrainian or Slavic cults found today are largely constructs, they still contain something that is not a construct and has an ancient and dark history, Kurginyan said.

“The black sun is a sign with a long history, it relishes of thousands years, and it was adopted by (SS Reichsführer Heinrich) Himmler, not by Hitler or Hess or anybody else, i.e. by the SS Black Order, which has many implications. This is a gnostic symbol associated with disunity of humanity, where only a minority of people is recognized as genuine humans,” the philosopher explained.

“They prayed to it (the black sun), they carried out rituals, including really terrible ones,” he added.

Kurginyan reminded that SS members managed to retreat in an organized manner after Nazi Germany was defeated, and later some of them served in NATO, and they indoctrinated this organization with their anti-human philosophy.

And now, Azov (organization banned in Russia) is preparing to promote its satanic cults in the West. This will awaken similar cults that remained dormant in many Western countries.

“Azov (organization banned in Russia), these fascist monsters, will become a cult of the West. Does anyone really think that this will not awaken all the movements? Is Sweden or Norway free from such movements? Many dirty things are taking place there on the north. And what about Germany? It is sleeping just for now. And what about the rest of the West?” the political scientist wondered.

“I believe that the nazification of the West and its dehumanization are the occult and mystic parts of the operation that is allegedly limited to Ukraine, but which is not limited to it in fact,” Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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