Germany has decided to be friends with Japan in a special way

29.04.2022, Moscow.

… and Scholz went to Tokyo for a visit. The Japanese were pleased.

Fumio Kishida expressed to Germany “great respect from the bottom of his heart.”

They agreed to join forces against Russia, and Japan complained that it was still limited by its “pacifist” constitution.

Back in February Germany declared its 180-degree turn, gave up all the “prejudices” (like historical guilt etc.), which were restricting it before, and began to supply arms to Ukraine, but Japan is still shy to do the same.

So far, Japan is only helping Ukraine with helmets, uniforms, and similar ammunition.

There is another thing that unites Japan and Germany. Both want to get nuclear arms very much!

So far top officials are silent about this desire, but the corresponding talks have already begun. The media is already warming up to the topic.

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