DPR soldier saves a child whose father had been shot by a Ukrainian sniper

20.04.2022, Mariupol.

A serviceman of the DPR People’s Militia saved a boy who was in a quarter adjacent to the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. A DPR soldier told Izvestia on April 20.

A DPR soldier said that the boy’s father was killed by a Ukrainian army sniper during the evacuation of civilians. The boy himself was also injured. A shock wave from a mortar shot caused him to fall and on falling he struck his head against the asphalt and lost consciousness.

“It’s a boy, he’s nine years old. During the mop-up, Ukrainian troops shelled both our servicemen and civilians, they did not spare civilians. During the evacuation of civilians, the child’s father was killed by a sniper. The child was left alone, in addition to that a mortar fired, he struck his head against the asphalt and lost consciousness,” he said.

The soldier took the boy to the nurse’s station and he was slightly concussed. Doctors took care of the child. The soldier began searching for the boy’s mother.

The soldier succeeded in finding the boy’s family. It turned out to be a family with many children; there are six more children in the house. However, because of her elderly parents, the mother and her children refused to evacuate.

Earlier, the Russian army managed to evacuate about 100 civilians through humanitarian corridors.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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