Medvedev explains how Russia will respond to Sweden and Finland joining NATO

14.04.2022, Moscow.

Sweden’s and Finland’s accession to NATO will increase the number of Russia’s official enemies, Russian Deputy Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on April 14.

Earlier, foreign media reported that the leaders of the two countries are working to reach a consensus on the issue, although the final decision will be made by each state independently.

In this regard, Medvedev made an ironic statement that very soon the world will become even “safer.”

“Sweden and Finland are discussing the possibility of joining NATO with bestial seriousness. The organization itself is ready to accept them literally ‘with open arms’ – in the shortest possible time and with minimal bureaucratic procedures. The United States is now literally broadcasting its welcome to the Northern European representatives from every newspaper. If you knock timidly, we will let you in. What does this mean? It means that Russia will have more officially registered enemies,” said the former prime minister.

The politician noted that in the current situation it is not important for Russia how many countries will be in NATO.

“Two less, two more – with their importance and population there is no big difference. Another thing is that if Sweden and Finland join NATO, the length of the alliance’s land borders with Russia will more than double. Naturally these borders will have to be strengthened. The grouping of ground forces and air defense forces will have to be seriously strengthened. We will have to deploy substantial naval forces in the waters of the Gulf of Finland,” explained the representative of the Security Council.

Medvedev stressed that if these countries join the military bloc, the Baltic states will give up their nuclear-free status. In response, Moscow will be forced to restore the balance in this region, while he recalled that Russia did not intend and did not go for such measures.

“And one more thing. There is no point in reasoning that if it were not for the special operation in Ukraine, the question of these countries joining NATO would not have arisen at all and the situation would have been easier for Russia. This is not true. First of all, attempts to get them into the alliance have been made before. And secondly, and most importantly, we have no territorial disputes with these countries, as with Ukraine. That is why the price of such membership is different for us,” he noted.

The politician also reminds that the local propaganda failed to get the population’s unequivocal support of the decision to join NATO, the public opinion is “split almost in half.”

“No sane person wants price and tax hikes, increased tension along the borders, Iskanders, hypersonic weapons and nuclear-armed ships literally at arm’s length from their own homes. Let’s hope that the intelligence of our northern neighbors wins out after all. But if not, then, as they say, ‘it wasn’t we who started all this’,” Medvedev concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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