Russian tank crewman: “They see our tanks, and they do not want to fight against us anymore”

11.04.2022, Kharkov.

The Russian Defense Ministry published on its Telegram channel on April 11 a video of Russian tanks liberating the town of Topolskoye in Kharkov region.

The tank crews from the Western Military District were assigned a mission to take the towns and villages and ensure a corridor for the Russian troops for further advance to the south, according to a tank company commander named Timur.

According to the tank commander, during the assault of a town by the Russian tanks, fleeing Ukrainian militants asked their commanders for artillery support; in particular, they “shouted that phosphorus had to be used to burn us (the Russian military servicemen) out, because they could not do anything.”

The Ukrainian tank crewmen, when they saw the Russian tanks, “simply raised their guns and refused to shoot.” The Ukrainian army tanks were new, “with minimum mileage,” Timur said about the trophies.

“Everyone was happy that we did not have to fire, that the people were simply surrendering when they saw our tanks and did not want to fight against us anymore,” the Russian tank crewman concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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