Crimes of the nationalist battalions are being covered up by Ukrainian army's crimes

05.04.2022, Moscow.

The material is published as an expert opinion of a supporter of the All-Russian Social Movement Veterans of Russia.

If we believe the dates of satellite images published by the New York Times (, some bodies were lying in Bucha on Yablonskaya Street before residents and reporters could see them.

A legitimate question arises: why weren’t these losses seen sooner? Why didn’t the [Ukrainian] leadership know about them when it announced on March 31 that Russian forces had withdrawn and there were no casualties?

The answer to this question is provided by Ukrainian social networks and chats showing video (, where, from a drone, we can see the Ukrainian army delivering strikes at the withdrawing troops. In addition, these areas, both before and after the withdrawal, were subjected to massive bombardment, making it impossible to remove the dead. Nearby, there is a burnt column of armored vehicles.

Next to these bodies, craters and shrapnel-beaten fences and fallen electrical wires can be seen, leaving no doubt as to the cause of death. The video footage used by the Ukrainian media bashfully ignores the traces of shell hits near the victims, apparently trying to hide the main cause of death – the indiscriminate use of artillery by the Ukrainian army. The poor quality of the video footage, which was published by various media outlets, led some viewers to believe that the victims were moving, which is refuted by better quality video.

But the horrific thing about this story is that there was an attempt to cover up the crimes of nationalist battalions, including the Crimea battalion, consisting of Islamic radicals trained at the training ground created by Aleksey Arestovich in 2014 by using the bodies of several victims of bombardment. In the video published on March 31 (, their colleagues, having met in Motyzhyn, are jealous of the loot and are also going to go to squeeze the necessary to wage war.

On April 1, local council deputy Katerina Ukraintseva warned the residents of Bucha not to interfere with the Ukrainian army’s efforts to mop up the town.

On April 2, when a curfew was declared, units of the territorial defense battalions entered Bucha, including a detachment of neo-Nazi Sergey Korotkikh (Botsman). It is his video that proves the permission to fire at people without blue ribbons during the curfew. In this video the voice “Please don’t kill!” and two shots are heard (

The victims of this mopping-up by the Ukrainian army were people, including those with white armbands, who, under the cameras, are hastily tried to be buried without forensic examination. Civilians found in houses and on the streets of Bucha with their hands tied have allegedly been shot in the back of their heads, indicating executions that they are trying to cover up by the victims of the Ukrainian army’s bombings.

Europe, as in the days of Hitler’s fascism, is again united in its efforts to protect Nazi ideas and actions. The West is frightened by the new anti-globalization model proposed by Russia, and in its opposition to it it is ready to create an economic catastrophe (

Source: All-Russian Social Movement Veterans of Russia

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