Ukrainians attack child in Athens during car rally in support of Russia

05.04.2022, Athens.

A group of aggressive Ukrainians attacked a car participating in a car rally “For peace! For Russia! For Greece!” in Athens, inflicting arm injuries to a seven years old girl, RIA Novosti reported on April 3 referring to the child’s mother.

“They ripped the Russian flag from my daughter’s hands, and they hit her arm with the pole making it bleed. We had a Greek flag on the other side of our car, which they seized, too, and they broke the windows on both sides,” the girl’s mother told journalists.

According to the mother, this happened after the police blocked their way making them turn to another street, into a crowd of Ukrainians.

According to the woman, during the attack, the policemen were shouting that they should leave, but they did nothing to stop the attack.

The girl’s mother said that it was a man that hit her child.

“They were in a zombie-like condition. I screamed, ‘Do not touch my child!’ but the man took the pole and hit her. How can that happen? <…> Can a man hit a child?” the woman complained.

She believes that the policemen saw there were Ukrainians, and still, they directed their car that way. She cannot understand why the policemen did so and why they failed to interfere.

The abused child has dual nationality of Greece and Russia. She received medical help, and the parents filed a report with the police.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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