Betrayal has become a trend

21.03.2022, Moscow.

Russian media hardly ever write about the latest events in Spain, or rather, in Spain and Morocco. On March 18, there was an event that greatly agitated both countries.

Morocco published a letter from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who writes to King Mohammed VI that he thinks that the 2007 Moroccan proposal for Western Sahara (a former Spanish colony) is reasonable. The proposal is that Western Sahara should become part of Morocco as an autonomy.

There are forces in Western Sahara that are struggling for independence, the Frente Polisario. There are agreements, supported by the UN, that a referendum should be held in Western Sahara and a decision should be made on whether Western Sahara will gain independence or become part of Morocco. This is a position that was supported by some countries, including Spain.

Now Spain is changing its stance. Its ministers explain that they want to establish relations with Morocco and get rid of the problem of migrants from this country. They say that relations will improve, and Morocco will solve this problem – that is, it will stop pushing people to migrate to Spain.

The political parties in Spain are shocked. The right-wing politicians ask what will prevent Morocco from laying claim to Spanish cities in Africa – Ceuta and Melilla.

The left-wing politicians are surprised that Spain has simply abandoned neutrality and international agreements enshrined in UN resolutions.

The Frente Polisario said that Spain had made the people of the Sahara a “bargaining chip” in its bilateral relations with Morocco.

But apparently, it’s not just about immigrants.

It is possible that the Spaniards hope to gain some significant advantages now, due to the current energy crisis in Europe.

Arab countries, namely Algeria, may become an alternative to Russian energy supplies. And the role of Spain, through whose territory it is being transported, may increase dramatically. Recently representatives of Algeria visited Spain, and mutual assurances of friendly relations were made.

The question is what Algeria, which can supply energy resources to Europe via Morocco and Spain, will get. Algeria has always supported the independence of Western Sahara and did not want Morocco to become stronger.

However, it is not ruled out that we are talking about mutually beneficial agreements, which now help to forget the old feuds. Algeria will increase energy supplies to Europe, and Morocco and Spain will ensure reliable transit.

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