Progress of the liberation of Ukraine. Rossa Primavera News Agency's report. March 14 (5:00 pm)

14.03.2022, Moscow.

Rossa Primavera News Agency publishes a summary of events in Ukraine on March 14 (5:00 p.m.).

On the night of March 14, Russian Air Force aircraft and air defense forces shot down four Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, including one Bayraktar TB-2.

Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aerial vehicles hit 187 military targets of the Ukrainian army, including two command posts, one Buk-M1 surface-to-air missile system, one radar guiding and targeting station, two multiple rocket launchers, two electronic warfare stations, two ammunition and fuel and lubricant depots and 31 locations where military equipment was amassed.

A total of 3,920 Ukrainian military targets have been disabled since the start of the special military operation. 143 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,267 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 124 multiple rocket launchers, 457 field artillery guns and mortars and 1,028 special military vehicles were destroyed.

As a result of the strike, the TV tower in the city of Rovno was knocked out of action.

Kiev direction

The Ukrainian army is trying to organize local counterattacks around Kiev by company tactical groups.

Kharkov direction

From Kharkov, the Ukrainian artillery conducts massive attacks on the outskirts of the city.

Russian servicemen delivered humanitarian aid for local residents to villages in the Izyum district of the Kharkov region.

Zaporozhzhye direction

A bridge near Kamenskoye (25 km north of Zaporozhzhye) was blown up.

There are reports of combat to the east of Orekhovo and near Gulyaypole.

In Berdyansk, provocateurs are trying to disrupt the distribution of humanitarian aid to residents – they are calling people to refuse food.

The Russian Armed Forces cleared the Ukrainian ship Korets of mines in the city of Berdyansk. According to a Russian military officer, a large number of small arms, ammunition, explosives, signal mines, as well as a large-caliber machine gun and ammunition were taken from the ship. The ship was abandoned in a hurry, as evidenced by the large amount of food.

The Russian Navy ships called at the port of Berdyansk.

In Melitopol, the residents are being paid for returning weapons that have been distributed to them by the Kiev authorities, they are paid $100 per unit.

Southern direction

Nikolaev is blocked on three sides. Combat is underway to the north of the city.

The Ukrainian army and territorial defense battalions continue to fortify Odessa.

Liberation of the LPR and DPR

Units of the Russian Armed Forces, continuing the offensive, reached the line of Vodyanoye, Sladkoye, Stepnoye, Taramchuk and Slavnoye. The advance during the day amounted to 11 kilometers.

86 people, including 15 children, were evacuated from the 400,000-strong city of Mariupol held by the Ukrainian nationalist battalions during the day – the DPR Defense Headquarters.

Ukrainian militants carried out a sabotage at the Avdeevka Coke Plant on the orders of Lieutenant General Pavlyuk, the commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces in Donbass, Eduard Basurin said. It is difficult to extinguish the fire because the Right Sector (organization banned in the Russian Federation) and the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian army block the access to the Avdeevka Coke Plant for emergency services crews.

A group of LPR troops, having previously blocked Severodonetsk from the east and south, are fighting against nationalists on the northeastern outskirts of the city.

The People’s Militia (PM) of the LPR reports that over the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian army suffered the following losses in manpower and military equipment during clashes with the LPR PM:

137 personnel;
5 tanks;
4 units of infantry fighting vehicles;
1 amphibious armoured scout car;
6 vehicles;
3 APCs;
3 long-term firing points.
The Russian Army handed over to LPR and DPR troops trophy Ukrainian military equipment and weapons.

Situation in the republics

Seven civilians from previously liberated territories were wounded as a result of the Ukrainian army’s shelling.


The Ukrainian army fired a Tochka-U cluster-type tactical missile system on residential areas of Donetsk in order to kill as many civilians as possible and hit important civilian infrastructure facilities in the capital of the republic. The missile was shot down, but some of the cluster munitions carried in the missile fell on Universytetskaya Street and near the DPR Government House. According to preliminary information, 20 civilians were killed and 35 more wounded. Several people were killed in the bus that was going down the street.

The object from where the Ukrainian armed forces fired the Tochka-U today will be established and destroyed – Pushilin.

Donetsk was shelled around 11:30 a.m. from the northwestern direction, from the area of the village of Krasnoarmeysk – Russian Ministry of Defense.

The loading of the warhead of the Tochka-U tactical missile with cluster munitions proves that the goal of the nationalists’ strike on the city was to kill as many civilians as possible. The decision to use this type of missile weapons is made at least by the command of the Ukrainian group of troops after approval by the leadership of the Ukrainian army in Kiev – Russian Defense Ministry.

March 15 is declared a day of mourning in the DPR for those killed as a result of a missile strike by the Ukrainian army.

As a result of the shelling, residential buildings in the Petrovsky district were damaged. Buildings of school No. 103 and Donetsk professional mining lyceum No. 93 were damaged.

Veseloye village was left without elecricity as a result of the shelling.

At the Zasyadko mine in the Donetsk People’s Republic, the ventilation shaft was de-energized due to the shelling by the Ukrainian troops, there were 83 people under the ground. Rescuers brought the miners to the surface.


Houses in Kirovsky district of Makeevka were damaged.


Houses were damaged in the village of Mine 6/7 and the village of Golmovsky.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Yasinovataya with 120mm mortars. Ten apartment buildings, two social facilities (school, kindergarten) were damaged. The heating insulated pipe was damaged. A local resident was wounded in the Zorka neighborhood and died of his wounds.

Due to the shelling of the Yasinovataya-Gorlovka road by the Ukrainian armed forces, traffic is blocked.

As a result of the shelling of Krasny Partizan, apartment buildings were damaged.


Zolotoye-6, Pervomaysk, Irmino, and Kalinovo were shelled in the LPR.

Two 41- and 45-years-old men were injured by artillery fire in Kalinovo, 10 houses and 5 outbuildings were damaged, and a 6 kW power transmission line was damaged. A total of 292 customers were left without a power supply.

As a result of the mortar shelling of the village of Pervomaysk, the Alenkiy Zvetoschek nursery school was damaged.

Political situation

A new group of Syrian volunteers announced their desire to go to Donbass and fight against Ukrainian nationalists.

The issue of sending UN peacekeepers to Ukraine is not on the agenda of the UN Security Council or other international platforms – Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russia supports the idea of moving the UN headquarters from the United States to a neutral country – this would make the organization’s work less politicized – Russian Foreign Ministry.

Instagram is officially included in the register of banned sites – Roskomnadzor.

The Russian Armed Forces have delivered humanitarian aid to towns and villages s in the Kiev region. About 10 tons of humanitarian cargo will be sent to the affected regions of Ukraine, and 330 tons of aid have already been delivered to residents of Donbass in two days.

At 12:00 p.m., the fourth round of talks between Russia and Ukraine began in video format.

Dmitry Peskov: All of Russia’s plans to demilitarize Ukraine will be implemented within the pre-approved deadlines.

Today’s shelling of Donetsk is an attack on civilians, Ukrainian nationalists act at the prompting and methodology of their overseas masters – Peskov.

At the beginning of the operation in Ukraine, Putin gave instructions not to immediately storm cities, including Kiev, because of the placement of weapons by the militants there – Peskov.

The Russian Armed Forces do not rule out putting major population centers in Ukraine under full control while ensuring maximum security of the population – Peskov.

Russia accepted 250 thousand refugees from Donbass and Ukraine – Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Roskomnadzor demanded from Google to immediately restore access to the channels of Gosteleradiofond on YouTube.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry called disinformation the reports that Russia allegedly requested military assistance from China for a special operation in Ukraine.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded that the United States explain the activities of its biological laboratories in Ukraine.

Kazakhstan banned the export of cash currency worth more than $10,000 from the country – a decree of President Tokayev.


Zelensky instructed the government to develop a new tax model and ease pressure on small and medium-sized businesses.

Zelensky promised to restore the homes and apartments of every Ukrainian after the conflict is over.

Ukraine’s foreign minister calls for boycott of companies that do not leave Russia.

An employee of the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry accused adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Gerashchenko of working as a tipster for the Russian military.

Israel agreed to be a mediator in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia – Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Yermak.

The Mariupol City Council stated that a regime of silence was maintained along the path of the humanitarian corridor announced earlier. As of 1 p.m., more than 160 personal cars were able to leave the city. They have already passed through Berdyansk and are moving towards Zaporozhzhye.

Western countries

Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa appealed to the head of the IAEA with a demand to suspend Russia’s membership in this organization in connection with the situation around the nuclear power plants in Chernobyl and Zaporozhzhye.

The Bundestag said that arms supplies to Ukraine only prolong the crisis.

Macron and Biden agreed to intensify anti-Russian sanctions.

Australia imposes sanctions on 33 Russian businessmen and their families.

Elon Musk on Twitter uses the Ukrainian issue to promote himself. Musk challenged Putin to a duel. Ukraine is at stake.

The Romanian Border Guard Service notes that the number of refugees arriving from Ukraine has halved. On Sunday, 14,000 people were admitted, while a week earlier 30,000 people per day were admitted. In total, more than 400 thousand Ukrainian citizens crossed the Romanian border, of whom 80 thousand stayed in the country.

The total number of people who left Ukraine because of the special operation, according to the UN information, is already about 2.7 million people.

Poland has already accepted 1.8 million refugees from Ukraine – the Polish Interior Ministry.

German authorities have asked Poland to suspend the sending of trains with Ukrainian refugees – Polish Interior Ministry.

The issue of transferring MiG-29 planes to Ukraine is not yet closed – Polish Chief of the Chancellery Dworczyk.

Pfizer announced that it would continue supplying drugs to Russia, but would donate all profits to support Ukraine.

Croatian president calls for formation of country’s air defense system after Ukrainian drone with explosives falls in Zagreb.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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