Moldovan journalist: Russians are getting angrier in response to sanctions

10.03.2022, Chișinău.

The West does not understand that the ban on imports to Russia will not turn the population against the government, Moldovan journalist Dmitri Chubashenko said on March 8 on the air of the Glavnoye program on the TV channel TVC21.

“This is nonsense. They don’t know who the Russians are at all… What was the purpose of the sanctions? To cause discontent among the Russian population so that they would throw Putin off. But Russians get even angrier when someone tries to exert pressure on them,” Chubashenko said.

In the West, they think that if they take away the ability of Russians to buy fancy clothes and new smartphones, the population will revolt, the journalist said.

After Russia began to actively defend its security interests, Western countries launched a large-scale economic war against Russia. Within two weeks, many Western companies announced that they were suspending operations in Russia, and some are leaving the country altogether.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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