Expert: EU cannot avoid Russian supplies even switching to coals

08.03.2022, Moscow.

If Europe wants to use coals instead of expensive gas, it will still have to deal with Russia as the primary supplier of coals to the EU, leading expert of the Foundation for National Energy Security Igor Yushkov told a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency on March 7.

“Russia supplies coals to Europe, too, as a major supplier of coals to the EU. Therefore, even switching to coals will mean increased purchase from Russia,” this is how the expert explained why it is difficult for the EU to stop using Russian energy sources.

According to the analyst, from the marketing point of view Russia should now increase its gas supplies to Europe, because in the end of the heating season the underground gas storage facilities become empty resulting in a potential growth of demand. Also, an increase in supply will drop the excessive prices that make many consumers give up gas thus reducing the market.

“Therefore, over the past 10 years we have been selling much gas. However, when gas is excessively expensive for the customer it ‘kills’ the sales. Thus, more and more clients cannot afford such gas. As a result, the market becomes smaller. Some even switch to coals,” the expert said about the economic background of the sanction war in the gas sector.

However, as Russia supplies to the EU both coals and gas, EU’ rejection of gas will not become a critical blow on our economy.

On March 7, Vice-Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak said that Russia continued to cover 40% of European gas demand in spite of the sanctions.

Novak also warned that Russia could cut its gas supplies to the EU through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. According to Novak, “no one will benefit” from this, but the aggressive rhetoric of the EU politicians pushes Russia towards this move.

On March 7, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the EU and England cannot stop using both oil and gas, even if they are supplied from Russia, due to serious economic problems.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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